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Spectrum Enters Women’s Hair Accessories With Remington Line

Remington is rolling into the women’s hair accessories market with a line of basic-to-trend hair accessories, accessory storage items and brushes for both the adult and teenage girl segments. The Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. personal care division has secured significant placements at several major retailers in the United States, the company stated.

Spectrum said the consumables women’s hair accessory category now entered by the Remington brand, posts sales estimated at more than $1 billion annually. Remington is moving into the growing women’s hair accessories markets in Europe and Latin America, as well, the company noted.

“Our successful launch in the women’s hair accessory market is among a number of global categories Remington is entering to advance our strategy of rapid organic growth in higher margin and faster growing consumables markets over the next several years,” said Dave Lumley, Spectrum CEO. “We are investing in resources to capitalize on this significant growth platform, leveraging our Spectrum Value Model approach of same performance/less price to gain distribution in both stores and online, and working hard to help our retail partners grow their category shares.”

Extending the Remington brand to the consumable hair accessory category further enhances the label’s position as one-stop shopping for hair styling for all ages, Spectrum asserted.

Said Drew Fiorenza, Remington global vp, “Our hair accessory product development has a strong emphasis on executing fashion and trend and always with a focus on winning the value position. With our brand positioning of ‘How the World Gets Ready,’ we have a unique opportunity for cross promoting our hair accessories with complementary segments of our business, such as hair care appliances, and even with other adjacent beauty categories by co-merchandising in stores and offering in-pack trial samples or coupons for discounts with purchase.”

“Our approach is to create a fun, engaging experience for the consumer, making the product the hero of the proposition and exciting the female consumer with the most trend-forward fabrications, colors and materials at a compelling consumer value,” continued Fiorenza. “For the female consumer, feeling confident and beautiful is a 360-degree experience, and Remington is committed to making hair accessories an important part of that.”