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Style Report Suggests High Point Vendors Grow Bolder

The High Point Market Style Report for Fall and Winter is out and demonstrates that vibrancy is a major trend for home furnishings. At the Fall High Point Market, which provides the resources for the report, colors were more pronounced and accents were more diverse and conspicuous going into 2013.

Among the the trends that emerged in the market:

  • Vendors went happily blue, following the lead of Pantone, which predicted bright blues would be in style over the next several months. Furnishings makers, however, took a diverse view of the hue, producing product that ranged from pale to turquoise to navy, while introducing a range of yellows and in a punk throwback, bold plaids, with green gaining as well.
  • Raw stone is emerging in accents and as a basic material in products such as candlesticks.
  • The back to nature look is extending and incorporates wood in its natural form, even when that form is imitated in resin.
  • Metal continues to be key material replacing wood to provide heft in general constructions but, in mixed compositions, becoming thinner and wirier in use.
  • Sinuous curves are gaining favor whether in furniture frames or lighting constructions.
  • Faces and cameo forms are following script as key embellishments.
  • Traditional designs are gaining novel variation with the influence of Spanish and other international design elements.
  • Black and white looks, ribbon wraps and spots and dots all are enlivening upholstery and other textiles as well as appearing on solid surfaces.