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Unger Rolls Out neatHome Cleaning Collection At Target

Unger has rolled out a new line of neatHome cleaning tools at Target stores. The neatHome by Unger collection, according to the company, “speeds up and simplifies at-home cleaning in hard-to-reach areas in a fun and trendy way.”  The new line has been rebranded with candy colored Patrician purple product and packaging. The packaging, according to the company, is designed to “speak to the consumer about the product benefits with meaningful but irreverent language such as ‘spider webs beware’ or ‘save an ostrich, clean with microfiber!’.”

The line utilizes Unger’s Connect & Clean design that allows consumers to interchange myriad cleaning heads on a single pole; a concept the company has utilized throughout many of its collections.

“This new collection was designed with microfibers and innovative design to make the cleaning experience more efficient and ergonomically correct,” said Mark Michels, vp/marketing at Unger.  “The product and package design was an integral component in expressing this new collection.  We wanted to make cleaning more fun and efficient for everyone.”

In addition to Target and, the new neatHome by Unger collection will be rolling out in more than 4,000 retail doors nationwide this summer. A neatHome website will also be introduced this summer with tips and cleaning tricks.

The Target neatHome by Unger products include:

• Tele-Pole (available in 6′, $10.99 and 12′, $17.99 sizes)

• Power Duster, $9.99

• Delicate Duster, $9.99

• Mini Cobweb Duster, $7.99

• Ceiling Fan Duster, $9.99

• 12″ Window Squeegee, $4.99

• 10″ Combi, $13.99

• Swivel Scrub Brush, $7.99