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Utility Patent For H2M Cap Technology Could Expand Uses

H2M has received a utility patent for its “interactive” cap technology. United States Patent No. 8,376,175 joins the existing two U.S. design patents and numerous international patents already awarded to this type of cap technology.

While currently intended for use in the beverage category, the technology could work in other areas as well, including consumer goods.

H2M CEO Charles Musumeci said, “Our cap is not simply head and shoulders above the competition in the beverage category, we are seeing potential use in the pharmaceutical arena, the spirits category and even with certain types of consumer goods. With this utility patent, the door is open to change the way consumers around the world think of ‘mixing’ since our cap delivers an exact amount on demand.”

H2M’s cap, a two-piece unit designed to hold liquid or solid in an air-tight chamber, releases its contents when the user turns the top portion of the cap clockwise. Once the cap’s content has dispersed, the bottom portion is turned counter-clockwise to remove, allowing access to the bottle’s now freshly mixed ingredients. The cap’s capacity is 13 grams of liquid or powder.

The H2M cap received its first design patent in 2010 on the upper section of the cap, or the releasing mechanism and the second design patent was issued later that same year for the lower section, or the housing chamber. This latest patent, for product utility, opens the door for expansion with the technology, the company said.