Vietri Raises Money, Builds Home For Habitat For Humanity

Vietri Inc. has announced that this year, 2013, marks its 30th in business and, to celebrate, the company has partnered with SunTrust Bank to build a home with Habitat for Humanity in Orange County, NC. Vietri co-founder and CEO Susan Gravely will begin construction on March 22 surrounded by Vietri and SunTrust colleagues, friends, customers and press.  

In order to raise $78,000 for the build, Vietri has created special limited-edition Anniversary Mugs to be sold in retail stores and on, with all proceeds going toward building this new home. A website dedicated exclusively to this project officially launched on March 8. On, visitors will be able to track the company’s progress, sign up to build or donate directly to Habitat for Humanity.

“For 30 years, Vietri has been a part of many homes and lives. Our customers have been passionate about their relationship with Vietri and encouraging to us with their stories and traditions. Now, we want to give back to a family who needs a home in honor of the many homes that have been a part of our success. We have built Vietri with the work of many hands and now we will build a home in the same way, together,” said Gravely.