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Wahl Campaign Aims To Slash Student Haircutting Costs

A new initiative from Wahl Clipper Corp. dubbed Project 180 aims to help college students lighten an economic load that can lead to poor diets and prolonged stacks of dirty laundry, not to mention an accumulation of debt. With the slogan “man up to save up,” Project 180 is providing young men the knowledge necessary to cut their own hair, which can generate savings of $180 or more each year for the average college student.

Consumers who join the company’s ‘free-haircut movement’ online enter to win a new Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper, the company’s latest home haircutting technology. To do so, they must go to and share what they would do with an extra $180 dollars. Wahl will award five winners each week over the next three months based on creativity and uniqueness.

“With all the attention on the rising cost of tuition, it’s easy to forget about the everyday expenses college students have to deal with,” said Bill Gassman, marketing manager for Wahl Clippers. “Project 180 is about helping students take control of one of those monthly expenses so they can live a little more comfortably.” 

Although savings generated from home haircutting won’t cover college tuitions, Wahl said the concept should hit home with today’s students who are both paying more of their college expenses and seeking ways to cut costs wherever they can.

“Research shows that college students consume about 15 tons of ramen noodles per year,” said Gassman. “That amounts to about 160,000 packages, which if stacked up, would be higher than 10 Empire State Buildings. The good news for anyone who can’t bear to look at another noodle is that help is on the way.”  

Beyond the payouts, Project 180 is about changing perspectives on home hair cutting, Wahl said, in this case by 180 degrees. Under the initiative, Wahl will share haircutting tips and styles online. Those who sign on to Project 180 can post images and share haircutting insights online based on their own experiences.