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Walmart Unveils ‘The Real Walmart’ Ad Campaign

Today, Walmart announced the launch of a national television and digital advertising campaign, as well as the accompanying website,, developed to demonstrate how people across the United States count on Walmart to save money on the products they want and need. The campaign also showcases how the company provides substantive career opportunities for its associates, and how it creates efficiencies and works directly with manufacturers to help deliver low prices, the retailer asserted.

“We have wanted to do this for a long time because we know that people trust Walmart even more when they understand the opportunities we provide our associates, who the customers are that shop with us and how we deliver low prices,” said Bill Simon, president and CEO of Walmart U.S. “Every month more than 60% of Americans shop at Walmart, and we are proud to help them save money on what they want and need to build better lives for themselves and their families.”

The campaign, dubbed, “The Real Walmart” focuses on three key areas:

    • Helping Walmart customers succeed.  

    • Helping Walmart associates succeed. 

    • How Walmart’s efficiencies and direct-from-manufacturer approach help deliver low prices.

In the Customers ad, real Walmart shoppers describe how they are able to meaningfully invest in themselves and their families with the money they save by shopping at Walmart, the retailer stated. Customers describe building children’s education funds, investing in their family business or paying for kids’ braces.

The Associates ad, Walmart noted, features 19-year-old Nathaniel, an hourly associate from Chicago, who has been with the company for a year and is looking forward to starting college in the fall, where he wants to study law or computer science. He plans to continue his career with Walmart and eventually sees himself managing his own store.

The Business Approach ad describes how Walmart delivers low prices for its customers. Pricing starts with one of the world’s most advanced supply networks, the retailer observes, including a trucking fleet that has increased its efficiency by 80% since 2005. In fact, in 2012 alone, the Walmart fleet delivered 297 million more cases although driving almost 11 million fewer miles, even while employing some of the best and safest drivers on the road, according to the company.

“We are able to deliver low prices to our customers by operating efficiently and working closely with suppliers to obtain the best cost for the merchandise customers want,” continued Simon. “The more we introduce people to what we do and how we do it, the more they understand the positive difference we can make for customers, associates and communities.”