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Wellness Initiative Fosters Rite Aid Health And Personal Care Operation

Rite Aid has developed a new generation of what the company dubs its Wellness Store, and the prototype includes elements that could boost sales of personal and health care products. Among the innovations included in the store are a Diabetic Diagnostic Center that offers blood test meters and testing strips, and a hair care aisle that includes hands-on displays where customers can see and feel products before purchase.

Rite Aid located the next-generation wellness store format in Lemoyne, PA, less than a mile from the company’s headquarters in Camp Hill. An existing store underwent a major renovation to manifest the new format. A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the store this morning to kick off its grand opening.

Since introducing the wellness store format in 2011, Rite Aid has modified and enhanced the design, the company said. Next generation stores will maintain a focus on wellness empowerment to serve consumers who seek information and advice on how to manage their health and other factors that contribute to wellbeing. Rite Aid intends to incorporate elements from its latest wellness store prototype in upcoming store remodel and relocation projects. The company currently operates about 570 wellness stores to date and expects to have a total of nearly 800 wellness by fiscal year’s end in February 2013.

“We know our customers’ health and wellness needs are always changing,” said Ken Martindale, Rite Aid COO. “As such, it’s important that we change with them and are able to evolve and innovate across all areas of our operations. Here in Lemoyne, we’ve taken our successful wellness store format to the next level, which we think will help us continue to be the pharmacy of choice when it comes to health and wellness information, products and services.”