Winix Launches Finecel Water Filtration System

Winix America has launched its Finecel 3-Stage Water Filtration System in North America. The company is expanding its home environment focus with a range of water filtration and water quality appliances.

“Finecel bridges that gap between a professional and consumer water filtration system,” said Tony Kircher, president, Winix America. 

The Finecel drinking water system removes harmful contaminants through a three-stage filtration process, and it has been tested and certified to meet the NSF 42 and 53 standards for drinking water filtration, Winix noted. Finecel uses an Ultra Filtration system that is said to produce no waste water and requires no electricity.

Winix designed the Finecel water filtration system with SmartConnect series water filters to ensure proper alignment and installation. Other features include visual and audible signals, and a smart technology dual filter monitoring system that automatically measures water usage so that the user knows when to change filters. The Finecel system can be used both under the sink or on the counter.

For more on Winix’s Finecel, and additional water filtration category developments, see HomeWorld’s April 29, 2013, issue.