Wüsthof Adds New Chefs To Edge Marketing Campaign

Wüsthof has announced the second phase of its “defining the Edgë” multi-platform consumer marketing initiative, which first launched in spring 2012. The campaign has been expanded with the addition of three new chefs: the Spärk (Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy in New York City); the Oütlaw (Katherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate in Dallas); and the Mäestro (Marc Vetri of Vetri, Alla Spina, Amis and Osteria in Philadephia).

“We’re delighted to welcome three incredibly talented and passionate chefs to our iconic campaign, which has received very high praise from our retail customers and consumers, and strategically raises awareness for our premium knives among younger, ‘edgy’ food-loving consumers, a key demographic for us,” said Annette Garaghty, vp/sales and marketing at Wüsthof-Trident of America, Inc. “We’re excited to implement a highly creative and breakthrough marketing campaign that salutes and aligns our brand with culinary professionals of all stripes – and tattoos! – who reflect Wüsthof’s mission to keep challenging the status quo in pursuit of excellence.”

Documentary-style videos that reveal each chef’s values, motives, inspirations, challenges and distinctively defined attitudes about how their craft, and how the food they prepare contributes to the betterment of our culture and society have been developed to introduce the three new chefs to the Wüsthof audience, according to the company. Wusthofedge.com will also include instructional web videos filmed on site at each chef’s venue, showcasing recipe demonstrations using Wüsthof knives.

A comprehensive digital banner ad campaign has also begun rolling out in targeted epicurean and urban lifestyle digital media, and this spring and summer, the new chefs “defining the Edgë” will also appear in a print ad campaign. Wüsthof’s third quarter ad campaign spotlights all three new chefs – Marc Vetri, Katherine Clapner and Amanda Cohen – holding large Wüsthof knives – with the headline: “When challenging the status quo, they come prëpared.” A call to action, “film series now playing at wusthofedge.com,” follows the headline and underscores the campaign’s goal of engaging consumers with the brand through access to the chef videos.

“The underlying message of our campaign is that Wüsthof knives give the home cook an advantageous ‘edge’ in their kitchen,” said Garaghty. “The creative approach we’ve taken, including developing chef bio videos and edgy portrait-style print ads, speaks to today’s hyper-connected, food-centric consumer who delights in discovering, interacting with, and sharing chef and food-related information through posts on social media.”