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Zadro Debuting New Tech Disinfecting Scanners

With the flu a particular scourge this winter, Zadro, Inc. is featuring its ultra violet scanner line at the International Home + Housewares Show. Recent technological advances have produced significant improvements to UV disinfection technology, the company said, including the technology found in its NANO-UVTM devices.

NANO-UVTM is a UV wavelength that combines UV-A and UV-C wavelengths. The new technology reduces disinfection time and energy consumption, Zadro said, asserting that NANO-UVTM devices are the most powerful disinfecting scanners available. With NANO-UVTM products, disinfection that used to take more than an hour to accomplish now can take as little as 10 seconds and still eliminate 99.9% of targeted germs and bacteria.

NANO-UVTM disinfecting scanners are produced only by Zadro Health Solutions, the company insisted. It offers a range of portable UV disinfecting products that start at $79.99.