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Zak Designs Chosen As USDA National Strategic Partner

Zak Designs recently announced that it was approved as a National Strategic Partner of the United States Department of Agriculture and its initiative to promote healthy eating. Zak Designs’ Healthy by Design plate is divided into four sections that are clearly marked on the rim so kids and parents can learn what proportion of every meal should be devoted to each of the food groups recommended by the USDA: fruits, vegetables, grains and protein.

When paired with one of Zak’s tumblers for milk or bowls for yogurt, cottage cheese and other dairy products, Zak’s Healthy by Design mealtime set is said to “provide everything parents need to help their children begin to develop healthy eating habits in a fun way,” according to the company.

“Healthy eating is a national issue that we all need to pay more attention to,” said Irv Zakheim, president and CEO of Zak Designs. “We salute the USDA for what they’re doing to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating, and we’re honored to be one of their National Strategic Partners to help them accomplish this critically important goal.”

As part of its commitment as a National Strategic Partner with the USDA, Zak Designs will also help to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating by putting tips, hints and other helpful information on its packaging and other marketing materials, as well as promoting the value of selecting the right kind and proportion of food through the company’s corporate website and social media channels. 

For more information on Zak Designs’ tabletop initiatives, see the May 27 issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.