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Zojirushi Advances Rice Cooker Series

In the addition of a new top-of-the-line platform to its rice cooker assortment, Zojirushi has rolled out the models NP-NVC10/18 Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmers. The new line is available in two sizes, a 5.5-cup model with an $816 suggested retail and a 10-cup unit with a suggested retail of $851.

The new Zojirushi NP-NVC platform automatically selects from one of three pressure levels based on the menu setting the consumer chooses. Sushi rice is cooked at sea level pressure, which provides a harder consistency for easier handling. Brown rice is cooked at a higher pressure level for a soft yet chewy consistency.

“I am very excited to introduce this flagship model this fall. I believe that this rice cooker will help educate consumers on how good rice can taste when cooked right and encourage them to eat more at home, spending quality time with their families,” said Tatsu Yamasaki, president and CEO of Zojirushi.

The new series features a platinum-reinforced non-stick coating, with platinum particles infused into the inner cooking pan coating. According to the company, the presence of platinum makes the water become more alkaline, which in turn helps the water penetrate the proteins of the surface of each rice grain. The benefit, the company noted, is that more water can react with the starch inside the rice grain, causing greater gelatinization and enhancing the natural sweetness of the rice.

For more on Zojirushi’s new rice cookers, see HomeWorld’s December 10, 2012, issue. In this issue, HomeWorld also features the annual category-by-category 2012 Year In Review of the housewares industry, plus the Home Entertainment Report, a consumer survey on RTA furniture and electronics preferences.