1010data: Walmart Digital Consumables Sales Surge In March

Walmart racked up impressive year-over-year online sales growth in March based on consumers stocking up on everyday necessities as the coronavirus outbreak took off, according to 1010data, an information and analytics firm.

Online sales got a big boost. Walmart online grocery sales jumped 21% from February and doubled from the month a year earlier, according to the report.

Some of the biggest category movers in March versus February were:

  • Hand sanitizer, sales up 307%
  • Alcohol, sales up 143%
  • Cough and cold medicine, sales up 116%
  • Toilet paper, sales up 133%

Toilet paper accounted for 3% of total sales and was the number one purchased item in the period, 1010data noted, pointing out that toilet paper typically makes up only 1.3% of sales and is the 9th most popular item purchased.