2018 Housewares Design Awards Ask The Judges: Eric Ludlum

This exclusive video series profiles each of the 2018 Housewares Design Awards judges and their views on where they find inspiration.

Eric Ludlum is a founding partner and creative director at Core77, a publishing company whose mission to serve the needs and interests of working designers is realized through a tightly focused roster of products and services.
Core77 is one of the most well regarded media brands in the field of design and a pioneer in Internet publishing; its flagship site, Core77.com, is said by Ludlum to be the oldest web-based magazine, produced continuously since 1995.
Twenty-plus years of entrepreneurial activity on the web has earned Ludlum a very particular skill-set and perspective, one which continues to find its best application in screwball schemes. Today, Ludlum haunts the various nooks and crannies around Hand-Eye Supply, Core77’s Portland, Oregon-based store for creative-types.

2018 Housewares Design Awards Judges (click on name for profile):

Jason Belaire

Max Burton

Steve Cozzolino

Cyan Godfrey

Stuart Harvey Lee

Eric Ludlum

Lu Lyndon

Kiel Mead

Mary Moore

Charles Nelson

Helen Maria Nugent

Howard Thornton