2020 Campaign Could Heat Up As Seen On TV Business

The 2020 presidential campaign is beginning to heat up, and that’s big news to the As Seen On TV business.

As Seen On TV retail sales, like many consumer goods sectors, have been impacted by declining store traffic in an e-commerce age. The As Seen On TV business also confronts shifting television viewing habits in an age of digital and streaming entertainment.

Viewership of traditional broadcast and cable television is declining among younger consumers (i.e. Millennials and Generation Z), although Baby Boomers and other older consumers are still among the most avid TV viewers.

This has persuaded As Seen On TV marketers to adapt their media strategies, realigning the sector’s reliance on TV to include stronger plays on digital and social platforms, especially aimed at younger consumers. Television, however, remains a persuasive medium for direct-response, and it can be an urgent driver of retail traffic and sales.

History tells the As Seen On TV business that there’s nothing like a presidential campaign to put people in front of their television sets.

“We expect a lift. We saw that in 2016, a big lift in TV viewership and response on TV,” said AJ Khubani, CEO of TeleBrands and its BulbHead division.

Khubani said news networks and channels aren’t the only programming beneficiaries of a campaign-fueled television viewing bump. “TV viewership is up across the board,” he said. “As more people watch the news more frequently, they tend to stay engaged with TV.”