Wahl Supports Grow & Give Campaign

For the third year, Wahl has partnered with Zero: The End of Prostate Cancer, a national nonprofit organization, to support the seasonal Grow & Give campaign. The campaign looks to recruit men who beard up in November to spread the word and raise money to end prostate cancer.

As a sponsor, Wahl will donate facial hair trimmers to the top fundraisers.

“By growing facial hair men can not only support Grow & Give, but their beards and mustaches can spark important conversations, making them walking, talking billboards for the cause,” said Steven Yde, dvp/Wahl.  “While they are growing we strongly encourage guys to fully embrace the facial hair lifestyle and pick up a Wahl trimmer to maintain their style after November as well.”

Participants can start cultivating their facial hair any day in November and continue all month. Wahl’s website offers more than 40 facial hair styles to inspire men and provides how-to tips to achieve the look and maintain it after the month is over.

In partnership with the American Mustache Institute (AMI), the company has also released the November Facial Hair Survival Guide. The effort focuses on mandating effective and proper facial hair growth during November. The guide will provide tips and approximately 833 steps, released throughout the month, sharing insights and best practices for facial hair growth.