Solomomo Develops Skin Care Device

Solomomo, a company focused on building high tech products for the beauty, skin care and wellness markets, unveiled its Home Skin Wand device and accompanying free skin analysis service.

Solomomo board member, Robin Carmichael, said, “Solomomo provides a personal, ongoing monitor that can help fine-tune skin care regimens and show which products really work.”

The home skin wand is said to let users see their skin with dermatologist-like precision. The specially equipped wand features lights and magnification for a close look at the skin, and is attached to a 7-inch touchscreen that broadcasts what the wand sees.

The user is guided to specific points on their face to create a personal skin map. These images are analyzed in the cloud and a skin report becomes available on the device. The user can track their skin health and the efficacy of their regimen, including the specific products that they use over time. In addition, the tool offers data about hydration levels, exfoliation, pore size, pore cleanliness, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Solomomo Home Skin Wand is available for pre-order on the company’s website.