Pretika Enters Connected Health Market

This year, Pretika is entering the connected health segment of the personal care and wellness market with the launch of its new connected skin care technologies at the International Home + Housewares Show, here.

According to Thomas Nichols, president of Pretika, the connected technologies are centered around the use of digital cameras to take magnification images of the skin for users to see before and after results of their skin care routine while using the company’s aesthetic and skin care devices.

The current roll out of connected technologies covers a range of Pretika’s sonic facial brush technology tools and its micro-current technology devices for wrinkle reduction, which have been launched at the show, and connect with the company’s Pretika application.

In addition, for users who don’t want to use their smartphones to receive data from the device, select appliances will come with a 5-inch, high definition monitor with the application pre-installed. The monitor comes with an aisle back for placement on countertops and also folds up to be used as a handheld while using the skin care devices.