Illy Launches Compact Single Serve Espresso And Coffee Maker

Illy has launched the Y3.2 single serve espresso and coffee machine, which features a compact design for small space living.

The coffeemaker measures in at a height of 10-inches, width of 3.94-inches and depth of 11.73-inches. It features clean, minimalist lines and push buttons to prepare either espresso or filter coffee, the company said. The Y3.2 machine is the company’s entry-level machine for home, office, dorm room or gifting. Built for the Illy Iperespresso capsule system, the Y3.2 features a water tank that holds 25.4 ounces of water, utilizes a power save function when not in use and has an adjustable cup shelf.

Illy’s Y3.2 single serve espresso and coffee machine is currently available for sale at the company’s coffee bars and shops and Bed Bath & Beyond with a price starting at $149 in black.