NutriBullet, Perfect Company Partner On Smart Blender

NutriBullet, in partnership with Perfect Company, has unveiled its newest blender, the NutriBullet Balance, at the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle.

The fully integrated nutrition extraction system provides detailed nutritional statistics such as calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat and sugar intake, among others. The blender features a Bluetooth-enabled smart nutrition sensor that works with the NutriBullet Balance app to measure ingredients as they are added to the blending cup, ensuring an accurate calculation of nutritional information in real time, the company said.

NutriBullet also collaborated with Perfect Company to curate hundreds of recipes to address factors such as various health conditions, nutritional goals and flavor profiles. In addition, the app acts as a virtual nutritionist, allowing users to choose their wellness goals, eating style and dietary restrictions. The app will then prescribe a curated list of recipes for users to make, the company said.

The blender system also utilizes Perfect Company’s patented IoT technology, allowing for on-screen real-time measuring of ingredients within digital recipes.

“By integrating our technology platform, health and wellness-conscious NutriBullet fans will not only be able to have precise control over their blending and insight into valuable health data, but also for the first time be able to record recipes as they freestyle to recreate the perfect smoothie when they find it, and benefit from having a virtual nutritionist at home,” said Michael Wallace, CEO of Perfect Company. “We’re excited to partner with NutriBullet to introduce smoothie lovers around the world to smart blending powered by Perfect.”

The NutriBullet Balance blender will be rolling out to select retailers nationwide this holiday season. It has a suggested retail price of $179.99.