Bluewater Raises Water Filtration Awareness

Water filtration company Bluewater has made a strategic push to fast-track wider public access to purified drinking water.

In order to support its goals, Bengt Rittri, Bluewater founder, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS that the company has set into motion expansion plans for its at-home and commercial water filtration appliances. The company will expand not only within the water filtration segment but also into adjacent segments that support the company’s overall goal of reducing the need for plastic bottles.

The company has also participated in a series of public events meant to raise awareness and support public access to filtered drinking water. For example, last week, Rittri visited Chicago for the unveiling of a Bluewater Oasis Hydration Station along the Chicago Riverwalk, in partnership with Friends of the Chicago River. The hydration station is meant to deliver clean water while stopping plastic waste.

“Bluewater offers a viable solution now because water generated at the source stops the need for long-distance transportation and plastic bottling. Bluewater’s point-of-use technology already leverages patented second-generation reverse osmosis solutions to deliver unmatched amounts of pure water with up to 80% less waste water than traditional RO systems,” Rittri said.

The Bluewater Oasis Hydration Station will be relocated to Flint, Michigan, at the end of October to add to Bluewater water quality systems already in operation for the community.