Kuvée Introduces Wine Dispenser

Kuvée has introduced the Kuvée Key wine dispenser.

The wine dispenser is designed to be used with the company’s proprietary FreshPour wine bottles, which are equipped with a screw top and a valve that prevents oxygen from reaching the wine inside. This allows the wine to flow out, yet stay fresh for approximately 30 days, according to the company.

“We are dedicated to providing the consumer with ‘many ways to Kuvée’— excellent wine, convenience and personalization are core tenants of ours,” said Vijay Manwani, Kuvée founder and CEO. “The Kuvée Key provides an additional solution to removing all the barriers in the way of you and your wine. We think you should always have a glass you want, rather than settling for ‘what’s open.'”

The company also recently released the Kuvée Connect dispenser, a Wi-Fi connected sleeve that goes over the FreshPour wine bottles. The dispenser allows consumers to interact with the wine directly from the touchscreen with such activities as rating and learning about the wine they are drinking.