Grush To Unveil Connected Toothbrush At CES

Grush, Inc. will unveil its Cloud White connected toothbrush at CES 2018. According to the company, the toothbrush includes smart features that record brushing data, enabling users to retarget the brushing routine.

With motion sensing “Tooth-to-Tooth” navigation technology, brushing habits are recorded and sent to the Grush Dental Cloud for analysis, which analyzes brushing data with the added ability to send brushing data to dentists. Users receive reports and recommendations on which tooth surfaces have not been brushed properly and the system constantly retargets the brushing routine, the company said.

“Sonic toothbrushes have positively changed oral health over the past ten years but there was still room for drastic improvement. By adding the smart Bluetooth feature and getting interactive guidance in real time on your phone, adults are going to be brushing better and not just vanity brushing like most people tend to do,” said Dr. Marc Bennett, dentist and special advisor to Grush, Inc.

Grush will launch a crowdfund campaign for the Cloud White electric toothbrush in the first quarter of 2018.