Vista Alegre Receives Three Good Design Awards

Vista Alegre has received three Good Design awards for its Lavish collection, Gazelle decanter and Poison bottle.

Part of the Art Deco collection, the Lavish line features elements decorated in platinum. Its design boasts a geometric shape and upward movement, and is said to represent glamour through the association of different surface treatments, contrasting matte and shine, white reliefs and color decals.

Gazelle is a handmade crystal bottle that pays tribute to an animal often represented at the time of the Art Deco period. It features a juxtaposition of black glass with crystal. The gazelle’s movement is stylized in relief on the black glass. The design is highlighted by the stoning work on the base and stopper.

The decoration of the Poison bottle comes alive through a snake ready to attack— a symbol of the forbidden pleasures, danger and highly alcoholic drinks, such as Absinthe, which, when excessively drunk, constitute a real poison. Formed from biscuit and matte gold with a distinctive and bold design, the Poison bottle is a piece from the Art Deco collection.

“These awards are certainly one more reason to be proud of Vista Alegre, and serve as recognition of the work we do every day in order to assert ourselves as a brand associated with design, art, and culture,” said Nuno Barra, Vista Alegre board member.