A.C. Moore Launches Handcrafted Marketplace

A.C. Moore has launched a handmade marketplace for artists and makers. The A.C. Moore Marketplace is a connection between the company and creative entrepreneurs, and was developed to help them sell handmade creations worldwide.

Opened for sellers in June initially, the A.C. Moore Marketplace has listed more than 3,000 shopfronts with 75,000 products available for sale. With no item listing fees or commissions on sales, A.C. Moore indicated, all revenues generated by the marketplace are funneled directly to sellers, apart from a flat-rate $10 per month to activate two selling channels on the Zibbet platform, which the retailers is using to facilitate operations.

“The launch of A.C. Moore Marketplace continues A.C. Moore’s legacy of delivering innovative products, quality materials and an unmatched brand experience to creative consumers,” said Anthony Piperno, A.C. Moore president and CEO. “This new endeavor represents A.C. Moore’s continued growth as a leader in the arts and crafts retail space, delivering a dynamic platform that empowers a global community of creative entrepreneurs.”