Ace Hardware Elects New Chairman

Ace Hardware Corporation’s board of directors has elected its new chairman, Jim Ackroyd, CEO of Vision Ace Hardware, an 11-store chain in southwest Florida. Ackroyd was elected vice chairman in 2013 as part of a planned chairman transition. Ackroyd was also re-elected to another three-year term as a member director of the Ace Hardware board of directors.

Ackroyd has been a member of the Ace Hardware board of directors since 2008 and served as chairman of Westlake Hardware, Inc. and as a board member of Ace Hardware International Holdings, LLC. Ackroyd previously worked for Arthur Young, Congoleum Corporation, Albany International and Ackroyd Consulting (real estate consulting). He was the chief financial officer for Incon Corp. and the Wynn Group of Companies.

Mark Schulein, president of Crown Ace Hardware, a 16-store chain based in Huntington Beach, CA, was elected a member director. The board also appointed Richard W. Bennet III, effective June 10, 2014, as a non-member director to serve an unexpired term— effective March 1, 2014, non-member director John Costello resigned from the Ace Hardware board of directors due to schedule conflicts arising from his role as president of global marketing and innovation officer for Dunkin Brands, Inc. Bennet, is co-chief executive officer of CCA Global Partners based in St. Louis.

In addition, Ace has hired Karen Fedyszyn as vp/information technology and chief information officer. Fedyszyn spent the last 14 years in executive roles at HSBC, most recently serving as svp/information technology for HSBC’s U.S. group.