Ace Restructures Distribution Network

Ace Hardware Corporation is restructuring its east coast retail support network in anticipation of continued growth.

By the first quarter of 2018, Ace Hardware will open a brand new retail support center in Fredericksburg, PA. This 1.1-million square-foot distribution center will serve Ace Hardware retail stores throughout Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, New Jersey and Washington D.C.

The company has also decided to consolidate its distribution efforts and so will close its retail support center in Prince George, VA, a small crossdock in the Baltimore area, and the Emery-Waterhouse operations in Portland, ME, and Pittston, PA.

The changes to Ace’s east coast retail support network will take place in phases over the next 24 months, with the new retail support center in Fredericksburg, and an existing, expanded facility in Wilton, NY, absorbing distribution operations for the region.

The restructuring does not change Ace’s strategic direction for Emery Jensen Distribution, Ace’s national wholesale operation which encompasses Jensen Distribution on the west coast, and Emery-Waterhouse on the east coast, the company said.

“Ace Hardware intends to grow even more aggressively over the next several years. As a result, we are augmenting our distribution capabilities to be faster, nimbler and stronger than ever before,” said Lori Bossmann, evp/supply chain, inventory replenishment and retail support, Ace Hardware Corporation.