Adobe: Cyber Monday Sets Digital Sales Record

According to Adobe Analytics, Cyber Monday digital sales reached a record $9.4 billion, up 19.7% from the period last year, with $4.4 billion spent after 5 p.m. pacific coast time.

Cyber Monday was the first $9 billion day in e-commerce revenue, Adobe pointed out. Cyber Monday desktop conversion was 7.6%, with smartphone conversion at 3.2% and tablet conversion at 5.5%, according to the data.

Adobe expects online holiday spending in the U.S. to be in the vicinity of $143 billion versus $126 billion in 2018 and $108.3 billion in 2017.

In the period from November 1 through December 2, Adobe noted, consumers spent about $81.5 billion online, with 60.4%, or $48.4 billion, spent on desktop devices; 34.5%, or $29 billion, spent on smartphones; and 5.1%, or $4.1 billion, spent on tablet computers.

Desktop computers gained 59% of purchases and 37% of traffic while smartphones got 36% of sales but 58% of traffic, suggesting that they are even more important to shoppers browsing in the omnichannel environment. The remainder, 5% of sales and of traffic, came via tablet devices.

As assessed by Adobe, based on price and availability, Cyber Monday was the best day to purchase televisions, while Black Friday was the best day to purchase appliances and sporting goods. Small Business Saturday was the best day to purchase computers and toys, and Giving Tuesday was the best day to purchase furniture and bedding.