Adobe: Digital Prices For Home Products Rebound

New Adobe research indicates that average online price for the home and garden category, and the furniture and bedding categories, as tracked by the company, rebounded in the first six months of this year.

In the June Adobe Digital Economy Index, home and garden online prices had experienced a gradual decline from a zero index in January 2014 to a low of about 30% down at the beginning of the year before experiencing a sharp rise. Now the decline registers just a bit more than 25%, according to Adobe.

For furniture and bedding, the decline began in late 2014 and has been more gradual, reaching negative 15% at the beginning of this year before rebounding to approximately 11%.

In Adobe’s Online Contribution to Digital Basket for 2020, as of January, home and garden ranked third at just around 12% while furniture and bedding ranked 15th at just under 2%. Apparel and electronics are in the first and second place.