Adroit Digital: Online Shopping Habits Similar For Millennials & Boomers

Millennials are not that different than Generation X and Boomers in how they shop and engage with online advertising, according to a new study from Adroit Digital. The company surveyed 1,000 U.S. and Canadian consumers ages 18 to 34, and 500 consumers ages 35 and up.

Adroit Digital highlighted that both Millennials and those 35 and up do the majority of retail browsing in-store— 57% and 61%, respectively. The majority of respondents are also more likely to click on a mobile ad over a desktop ad— 55% of those 18 to 34, and 52% of those 35 and up.

“Our study shows that, in many instances, Millennials don’t shop or respond to digital advertising any differently than their older counterparts,” said Jacob Ross, president of Adroit Digital. “This indicates that behavioral data is a better predictor of how someone will respond to a message than age alone.”

Millennials also stacked up comparatively to those age 35-plus in saying how online and/or mobile advertising affects what they purchase, how likely they are to change their plans to visit a retailer or restaurant if they are away from home and receive an ad on their mobile device for a local deal or discount, how online review sites affect their retail purchases, and how one-click purchasing can make a difference in their likelihood to buy a product.