Aermate Wine Aerator ‘Breathes’ Air Into Wine

Aermate has introduced a Wine Aerator that is designed to aerate wine in seconds, from a single glass to a whole bottle, according to the company. Unlike a decanter or pourer-aerator, Aermate works on all red and white wines as well as liquor and spirits, the company added.

Featuring stainless steel and silicone construction, the Aermate is small enough to store in most kitchen drawers for easy access. For use in a full bottle, pour a small amount of wine into a glass and insert the stem into the bottle so that the Micro bubble Tip reaches to the bottom. The Micro bubbles that are released are smaller than traditional bubbles and help to maximize oxygen exposure and total air volume delivered, the company said. Users can then gently squeeze the quick action pump to adjust aeration to their preference. For use in a glass, gently insert Aermate into the bottom of the glass and squeeze accordingly.