Aervana Wine Aerator Launches On Kickstarter

Aervana has launched its Aervana Select wine aerator via a Kickstarter campaign.

According to the Seattle-based company, the Aervana Select is designed to allow consumers to taste test small pours at different points on the dial to identify what level of infused air helps a wine showcase at its best. It also helps a consumer determine which wine their palate prefers.

For example, for bold reds, the Select allows consumers to dial-up the aeration effect to smooth-out harsh tannins. If tasting a light-bodied white wine, consumers can pour a glass from their personal wine tap without running the risk of stripping its flavor. And with the progressing dial, consumers can experiment with any setting in between, the company noted.

The Aervana Select wine aerator is live on Kickstarter for a 30-day campaign, seeking a $29,000 funding goal.