Aging Millennials Evolving Their Shopping Behaviors

NEW YORK— Perhaps no demographic group has been researched and discussed as much as Millennials. Since their emergence as a consumer group more than a decade ago, retailers and housewares suppliers have been challenged to understand their shopping behaviors. Now things are changing as older Millennials are experiencing major life moments that include marriage, parenthood and home ownership.

The annual HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® Generational Marketing Report takes a look at Millennial consumers and how major changes in their lives are impacting their shopping mindset.

Similar to Baby Boomers and Generation X, experts say Millennials are hitting the stores and e-commerce outlets to find products that are not necessarily the least expensive, but that offer a good value and are of higher quality.

While Millennials remain fans of e-commerce to meet their shopping needs, they are also discovering that brick-and-mortar retailers offer options that also meet their changing needs.