AHAM Emphasizes Home Appliance Industry’s Role In Providing Essential Needs

As people are now required to spend almost all their time at home to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) is urging federal, state and local governments to recognize that home appliances are “essential” when drafting shelter-in-place orders.

AHAM president and CEO, Joseph McGuire, stated, “While we are in an unprecedented time, it is most important that Americans have the necessary items to quarantine, or shelter-in-place. Home appliances, such as ranges and ovens, refrigerators, air cleaners, personal care products, humidifiers and floor care appliances are necessary and essential to the wellbeing and safety of people in their homes. This means that Americans need access to appliances, and to servicing, as needed, for these critical items.”

Restrictions on movement and business hours during this time are important for public health measures. However, shelter-in-place orders must be crafted so as not to not prevent families from having the necessary items to prepare and cook meals, clean the home, dishes and their clothing. Home appliances will need to be manufactured, delivered and serviced in the home, AHAM maintained.

AHAM is recommending that guidance be issued to states and local governments that clarifies “essential businesses” includes home appliance production, distribution, retailing and servicing in order to maintain safe, sanitary, and essential operations of residences.