Air Wick Launches Smart Diffuser

Air Wick is launching the Air Wick Essential Mist Smart Diffuser with Bluetooth technology. The diffuser is compatible with the Air Wick Essential Mist nature-inspired range as well as with a new line of aroma-inspired fragrances.

The diffuser transforms essential oils into a light, fragrant mist. The diffuser is an easy-to-use, cordless device designed for pre-mixed refills, eliminating the use of water. Consumers can personalize and customize their scent experience by utilizing Bluetooth technology with the free dedicated Air Wick mobile app. Consumers can create scent schedules, adjust scent intensity, set reminders to replenish refills, and purchase refills directly from their smartphones.

“At Air Wick, innovation is at the heart of what we do, and our team is committed to constantly improving consumer experiences,” said Raheel Dhaduk, U.S. marketing director for Air Wick, a division of Reckitt Benckiser. “As consumers continue to bring more smart devices into their homes and seek greater customization and control; we knew there was an opportunity to go beyond what is traditionally offered in the air care aisle. The new Essential Mist smart diffuser with Bluetooth technology is the combination of great scents and personalization for an improved fragrance experience.”

The starter pack includes one diffuser, batteries and a refill from the aroma range which lasts up to 45 days on low setting. Available now for $20 at Walmart and Target among other retailers nationwide.