Aldi Recognized For Sustainability Initiatives

An ongoing commitment to reduce overall environmental impact has led Aldi to receive the 2020 Green Power Leadership Award as well as a 2019 GreenChill Store Certification and a Re-Certification Excellence Award for select stores from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The annual Green Power Leadership Awards are part of the EPA’s Green Power Partner recognition program that celebrates commitment and contribution to advancing the development of the voluntary green power market in the U.S. Aldi asserted that it was one of only four organizations nationwide to receive an Excellence in Green Power Use Award for demonstrating exemplary action and dedication to significantly moving the U.S. renewable energy market forward.

Aldi noted that it is currently purchasing more than 980 million kilowatt-hours of green power annually, which represents more than 100% of the organization’s electricity use. In addition, Aldi ranks number 16 on EPA’s National Top 100 list of participating companies, number three on the Top 30 Retail list and number 15 on the Top 30 On-site renewables list.

As part of a $5 billion capital investment in new and remodeled stores across the U.S., Aldi is increasing its renewable energy building efforts, including establishing a preference for energy-saving LED lighting, energy-efficient refrigerated systems and rooftop solar systems, which it has on 12 warehouses and 108 stores thus far.

“We are proud to receive these honorable recognitions from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” said Aaron Sumida, vp/Aldi. “As one of America’s largest retailers, it’s important for Aldi to prioritize our adoption of green power usage across our operations, showing others that it’s an affordable, accessible choice that can help reduce air pollution and other emissions. We look forward to continuing our sustainability journey by taking intentional and strategic steps to make our stores and warehouses more environmentally friendly.”