Alessi Debuts Grind Pepper Mill

Alessi, in debuting its 2017 fall/winter collection, said that each product design employs a small, surprising detail to rethink a classic product’s functionality, including its Grind pepper mill.

Grind, a salt, pepper and spice mill designed by William Alsop and Federico Frazzini, is designed to enhance the pleasure of sharing good food, rather than just being a gadget, noted the company.

While typical pepper mills rest with the mechanism pointed down and often leave residue on the table, Grind is designed to sit with the key mechanism facing upward. The body of the pepper mill is made of die cast aluminum with an interior in nylon, and is available in both black and silver.

Grind allows for adjustment for personal preference and spice type, as the grinding wheels can be twisted clockwise for a finer grind or counter clockwise for a coarser result.