Alessi Named Certified B Corporation

Alessi has been named a Certified B Corporation. It is now part of a group of over 2,100 for-profit companies worldwide certified by B Lab to meet “standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.”

Michele Alessi, vp/Alessi, said, “For Alessi, becoming a B Corp means having what has always been our idea of doing business acknowledged through formal and recognizable certification: ensuring that what is good for the company is also good for society as a whole, through constant research for a balance between people, product and profit.”

In order to achieve the certification, according to the company, Alessi passed the B Impact Assessment, an evaluation designed to assess how a company’s activities seek to positively affect the community, from an economic, social and environmental perspective. The assessment takes into account the practices, initiatives and results in five core areas: governance, employee relations, customer relations, the company’s role in the community and the environmental sustainability of processes and products.

“For the first time, we are accurately measuring the cultural impact industrial production can have on its customers’ community,” added Alberto Alessi, president, Alessi.