Allstar Expands Sharper Image Program

HAWTHORNE, NY— Allstar Products is expanding its Sharper Image-licensed program with the launch of the Sharper Image Socket Shelf.

Socket Shelf is a plug-in accessory that converts a standard wall outlet into a 6-outlet, surge-protecting adapter equipped with a small shelf and two-USB ports.

Socket Shelf is latest entry under the Sharper Image brand by Allstar, following last year’s launch of Sharper Image Calming Comfort weighted blankets.

The Sharper Image Shelf Socket, set for a retail rollout later this summer at $29.99, presents new Sharper Image branding showcasing a sleek, updated logo and a clean packaging look.

Sharper Image, relaunched in 2010 by Camelot Venture Group, is rolling out a refreshed brand identity intended to leverage the innovative heritage of Shaper Image with a progressive, new approach to intuitive, clever and timeless design that seamlessly integrates emerging technology into everyday living.

Allstar Products is among the expanding group
of Sharper Image licensees.

Teresa Sinapi, Allstar’s director of brand marketing, said Allstar plans to broaden its Sharper Image relationship with innovative products that are more tech-oriented than traditional As Seen On TV products.

Allstar, meanwhile, is extending the Calming
Comfort sub-brand with the ThermaComfort
weighted hot/cold neck back wrap, which is not included in the Sharper Image program.

The ThermaComfort neck wrap, showcasing a high collar and wide shoulder coverage, is designed to provide deep pressure therapy with the help of three pounds of weighted beads, integrated herbal aromatherapy and hot or cold performance.

The Calming Comfort ThermaComfort neck
wrap is set to retail for $29.99 when it rolls into
retail this summer.