Allstar Mounts Holiday Season DRTV Launches

Allstar Innovations (formerly Allstar Products Group) reported a strong launch for a trio of its holiday-season direct-response products: the Sharper Image Socket Shelf, the Perfect Cushion seat cushion, Secure Stitch liquid fabric mender and the Pop-N-Play cat toy.

The Sharper Image Socket Shelf is a plug-in accessory that converts a standard wall outlet into a 6-outlet, surge-protecting adapter equipped with a small shelf and two-USB ports.

Socket Shelf is latest entry under the Sharper Image brand by Allstar, following last year’s launch of Sharper Image Calming Comfort weighted blankets.

The Sharper Image Shelf Socket, set to retail at $29.99, presents new Sharper Image branding showcasing a sleek, updated logo and a clean packaging look. Allstar Products is among the expanding group of Sharper Image licensees.

Teresa Sinapi, Allstar’s director of brand marketing, said Allstar plans to broaden its Sharper Image relationship with innovative products that are more tech-oriented than traditional As Seen On TV products.

Perfect Cushion is an orthopedic foam-and-gel combination cushion designed to cradle and support your weight for maximum comfort.

It is made of two layers of high-density orthopedic foam and an inner layer of therapeutic comfort gel, according to Allstar.

The cut-away design allows the tail bone to float above the seat to help relieve the common pressure caused by prolonged sitting. The cushion can help reduce pain while promote healthy posture and spine alignment, according to Allstar.

Perfect Cushion has a soft fleece, machine-washable cover, a no-slip bottom surface and a built-in handle. It retails for $29.99.

Secure Stitch is a liquid sewing kit positioned as an easy alternative to needle and thread for clothing alterations and mending, furniture repairs and crafting.

It features adhesive solutions formulated for invisible, odorless, flexible, quick-drying, permanent and washable bonds on a variety of fabrics and materials.

The seven-piece kit, retailing at $29.99, comes with a bottle of all-fabric solution, a bottle of synthetic fabric solution, two on-the-go applicator bottles, a silicone applicator and two hem measuring clips.

Pop-N-Play is a “peek-a-boo” cat toy (like the “whack-a-mole” carnival game) that tempts cats to “chase” a mouse or a feather that pop up and down intermittently from a durable domed circular base with a no-slip bottom.

The battery-powered Pop-N-Play is designed to entertain and occupy cats while stimulating them mentally and physically, according to Allstar.

Pop-N-Play, retailing for $19.99, offers three play speeds and an automatic-shutoff feature.