Allstar Targets DIY Consumer With Multi-Cut Tool

HAWTHORNE, NY— Allstar Products Group is targeting home improvement do-it-yourselfers with the new Multi-Cut 3-in-1 cutting tool.

The company is also reprising several of its recent spring and summer As Seen On TV winners, led by an update of the Topsy Turvy upside down tomato planter.

The Multi-Cut tool acts as a “power” cutter, a retractable utility knife and wire cutter.

The sharp blade and offset pivot point enable the scissor-action tool to cut with ease through rope, wood, leather, rubber and more, according to Allstar.

The retractable blade converts the tool into a utility knife/box cutter for cardboard, carpet, linoleum, drywall and more. An integrated titanium-coated wire cutter slices through copper, aluminum and steel wire.

Equipped with a comfort-grip handle and safety lock, the Multi-Cut retails for $29.99, including four replacement blades. The unit is set to hit retail stores in late summer.

Meanwhile, a trio of seasonal DRTV successes from Allstar recently returned to retail shelves supported by a fresh round of DRTV.

The Topsy Turvy upside-down, hanging tomato planter, which debuted eight years ago, is back with an updated watering system designed to drip and distribute water evenly over a long period of time, said Teresa Sinapi, Allstar’s senior marketing manager.

“We just retested Topsy Turvy to a great response,” Sinapi said, noting how the surging organic food trend sets the stage for a strong revival of the gravity-style tomato planter. Topsy Turvy retails for $14.99.

Allstar also is bringing back the Magic Mesh hands-free screen door for its ninth summer.

Installed without tools or nails, the updated Magic Mesh hangs in a doorway and features 18 magnets that separate easily and close automatically as people walk through it— allowing fresh air inside while keeping bugs outside. Magic Mesh retails for $19.99.

Allstar’s new Orbitrim Pro gas trimmer head— a stronger, sharper and lighter upgrade from the original Orbitrim attachment introduced last year— features a patent-pending safety ring designed to protect flowers and plants when trimming and edging grass. The attachment’s curved bottom helps it “float” over grass for an even cut, according to Allstar. The unit also can be used to trim hedges.

The Orbitrim Pro, at a $19.99 retail, easily attaches to most gas-powered trimmers, the company said.