Allstar Teams With Mission To Expand Personal Cooling Line

Direct-response veteran Allstar Innovations and personal cooling gear developer Mission have partnered in a venture that marries Allstar’s “performance-based” marketing and retail foundation with Mission’s goal to expand the consumer market for its advanced heat safety solutions.

Mission, co-founded in 2009 by former National Football League player Chris Valletta, develops and markets a line of instant cooling products, including towels, neck gaiters and hats, made from fabric technology designed to enhance the natural process of evaporation.

The Mission organization has been integrated into Allstar’s headquarters. The Allstar/Mission partnership is led by CEO Scott Boilen, Allstar president Chris Bean, Mission general manager Valletta and Mission evp/operations Lisa Lehan.

The beginning of the Allstar/Mission partnership coincides with the rollout of a refreshed Allstar Innovations corporate identity that Boilen said reflects the company’s evolution from largely an item-driven As Seen On TV marketer to a developer of long-term consumer brands backed by “performance-driven” marketing.

“We used to launch a single item and max it out,” Boilen said. “We have become a more strategic CPG company… We want brands that are bigger than an item. We want to make it an experience. Everything will still be backed by the power of our advertising. We will put it through our performance testing and marketing, like every Allstar product.”

Valletta saw in Allstar an accomplished consumer product marketer with a proven advertising methodology, a robust retail pipeline, a deep sourcing network, a sturdy operation and a passionate, high-energy culture to match the one he nurtured at Mission.

“This was the convergence of two companies at the perfect time,” Valletta said. “We’ve built a powerful brand, and now, with the support of a legacy company in Allstar, that’s where it all comes together.”

The plan calls for close developmental collaboration, Boilen said. Mission leads sales (with support from Allstar) and material development; and Allstar leads manufacturing, logistics and marketing, he said.

Existing Mission products have been integrated into Allstar’s distribution platform. Several new products are forthcoming featuring Mission’s fabric instant cooling technology. The Mission brand also is being primed for a move beyond textiles.

For more on Allstar and Mission’s partnership, see the February 24 issue of HomeWorld Business.