Amazon Developing Health Centers In Five Cities

At a time when many major retailers are expanding wellness products and services, Amazon has developed a pilot program with Crossover Health, a provider of primary care services, to establish local, convenient health centers near Amazon fulfillment centers and operations facilities across the country.

The first Neighborhood Health Center location will serve Amazon employees and their families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The launch of the new Neighborhood Health Centers will provide a range of quality primary care services exclusively for Amazon employees, further strengthening the company’s benefits program, one that provides comprehensive health care for workers starting on day one of employment.

Through the initial pilot program, Amazon expects to establish 20 health centers in five U.S. cities and so improve access and care for more than 115,000 associates and their families. The target cities are Dallas/Fort Worth, Phoenix, Louisville, KY, Detroit and San Bernardino/Moreno Valley, CA. If the pilot is successful, Amazon plans to roll out similar facilities in other cities and states. The pilot will not only provide Amazon with a better benefits program to draw and retain employees but also generate experience in working with local medical facilities. Drug and other retailers, including Walmart, have been expanding for-consumer health care services, including treatment facilities, as they grow their wellness offerings.

“Across the U.S., an increasing number of patients do not have easy access to a primary care physician and instead utilize emergency or urgent care options, which is not only more expensive for patients but also overlooks important preventative care opportunities,” said Darcie Henry, Amazon vp/human resources. “We want to solve that for our employees, and the launch of these new Neighborhood Health Centers will provide a range of quality primary care services for employees across the country, further strengthening Amazon’s industry-leading benefits program.”