Amazon Devotees Lift It To Top Site Experience

According to a new survey conducted by Clutch, a B2B research, ratings and reviews company, website users believe has the best user experience among top websites, despite the continued popularity of social media sites including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The largest share of website users surveyed, at 21%, said Amazon’s customer experience is best, followed by Facebook, at 16% and YouTube, at 15%, Clutch stated.

Yet Clutch asked people which sites offer good customer experience, Facebook and YouTube beat Amazon, which scored 78% compared to 83% for Facebook and YouTube. Other sites identified as having good customer experience include Gmail, at 73%, Netflix, at 60%, and Instagram, at 47%.

As such, it seems, Amazon devotees are particularly happy with its user experiences while website browsers, in general, still favor their social media encounters.

The Top Three reasons why people return to a website, Clutch added, are useful content, at 48%, ease of navigation, at 24%, and peers/friends use the site, at 12% according to Clutch.