Amazon To Expand Austin Tech Hub

Amazon is expanding its Tech Hub in Austin, TX, and will create 800 tech jobs in the areas of software and hardware engineering, research science, and cloud computing.

The Austin Tech Hub is one of 17 tech hubs the company operates in North America, which are focused on building new products and services for its customers around the world.

The Austin-based teams primarily focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Business, video game design, advertising and more.

Together with its customer fulfillment facilities, the company has created more than 22,000 full-time jobs in Texas and since 2011 has invested over $7 billion in the state, including infrastructure and compensation to its employees.

“With a strong pool of technical talent in Austin and a dynamic quality of life, we are excited to continue to expand and create more opportunity in this vibrant city,” said Terry Leeper, general manager of the Austin Tech Hub.