Amazon Expanding Boston Technology Hub

Amazon will expand its Boston Tech Hub and begin looking to fill an additional 2,000 technology jobs in the vicinity across fields including machine learning, speech science, cloud computing and robotics engineering.

The new Tech Hub, located in Boston’s Seaport, will maintain a focus on Alexa, Amazon Web Services and Audible for the company. Boston-based machine learning scientists and engineers already working for Amazon have contributed to enhancing the experience of customers interacting with Alexa, directing what Amazon characterized as the industry leading shift toward conversational artificial intelligence through research and development in machine learning.

In 2013, Amazon opened its corporate office in Cambridge, MA, which has anchored its Boston Tech Hub. As part of the Boston initiative, Amazon will expand into a 430,000 square foot space in the WS Development’s Seaport build— a 7.6 million square foot project on the Boston waterfront— with plans to open the doors of its new office in 2021.

“Amazon is excited to create 2,000 more jobs in greater Boston,” said Rohit Prasad, vp/Amazon’s and Alexa head scientist, who is based in metro Boston. “In just a few years, we’ve grown from a handful of software developers and scientists to a team of more than 1,200, inventing new capabilities and products on behalf of millions of customers around the world.”