Amazon Expanding Portland Tech Hub

Amazon is expanding its Portland Tech Hub and plans to create 400 new high-tech jobs in fields including software development, operations, information technology, support engineering, solutions architects and product management.

With a new 84,000 square foot office in downtown Portland, Amazon expects to double its tech workforce in the area.

Amazon’s Portland Tech Hub is one of the company’s 18 North American tech hubs, a network of development centers in addition to Amazon’s Seattle and Northern Virginia headquarters. Portland-based Amazon teams currently build and support products and services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) including AWS Elemental which was founded in Portland in 2006.

“We are excited to create more tech jobs in a city with a historic culture of innovation and tremendous talent,” said Khawaja Shams, vp/engineering, AWS Elemental in Amazon’s new Portland office. “We look forward to hiring locally and generating more opportunity in our vibrant community. Thank you to all of our partners across the city and state for helping us to continue to invest here and contribute to keep growing and diversifying the local economy.”