Amazon Launches ‘Key’ Delivery Service is launching a new service that will unlock a door and give its delivery personnel and service providers access to a customer’s home.

The new service is an option exclusively for Prime members, one that enables in-home delivery and service visits as well as access for guests. Dubbed Amazon Key, the service launches on November 8 in 37 cities and surrounding metro areas across the U.S., with more locations rolling out over time.

Prime members can pre-order an Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which includes an Amazon Cloud Cam and one of several compatible smart locks from manufacturers Yale and Kwikset. Customers can install the In-Home Kits, which start at $249.99, or take advantage of free professional installation.

Amazon Key allows consumers to track their delivery with real-time notifications, watch the delivery happening live or review a video of the delivery after it is complete. Each time a delivery driver requests home access, Amazon verifies that the correct employee is at the right address at the intended time through an encrypted authentication process. At process completion, Amazon Cloud Cam starts recording and the door is unlocked. Amazon emphasized that it doesn’t provide access codes or keys to delivery drivers.

“Amazon Key gives customers peace of mind knowing their orders have been safely delivered to their homes and are waiting for them when they walk through their doors,” said Peter Larsen, vp/delivery technology, Amazon. “Now, Prime members can select in-home delivery and conveniently see their packages being delivered right from their mobile phones.”