Amazon’s E-Commerce Market Share Estimate Cut 9% By Online Researcher

A leading digital research firm has lowered its estimate of Amazon’s e-commerce market share following public comments made by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

According to a second quarter forecast of e-commerce sales from eMarketer, Amazon is estimated to account for 37.7% of total sales, down from estimates of 47% for the first quarter.

In an e-mail to HomeWorld Business from Douglas Clark, eMarketer’s global director of public relations, public comments made by Bezos in a shareholder letter led eMarketer to update a key input into its e-commerce sales model for Amazon. This led eMarketer to lower its previous estimates for Amazon’s sales and marketing share.

While Amazon’s total market share has been lowered by 9%, it remains the dominant seller online. According to eMarketer’s figures, companies including eBay, and Apple remain far behind with no other company crossing the 10% market share threshold.